Tanco A-Series


The Tanco A-Series central pivot encloses a Gear Driven turn-table and an integrated Rotary Coupling. This powers the extremely reliable Hydraulic “Cut & Start.” The A Series ensures that a quality wrap is applied in an even and efficient manner.



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Product Features


The Tanco A series has been refined to eliminate weight and waste. The series features a robust, compact, and efficient trailed wrapper.. Build quality and bale output make it ideally suited for individual farmers and contractors 

The A Series also features a wrapping table with a low operational position, which allows bales to be off-loaded directly to the ground without the need for an off-load ramp. 

There are two models to choose from: 

A100 EH

The EH Model is fully automatic. Bales are loaded, wrapped and unloaded with a single press of a button. Two bales can be carried while moving; once the first bale is wrapped, the second bale is automatically loaded to the wrapping table.


  • Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with 55% & 70% stretch options built-in
  • RDS Expert Controller (EH Models)
  • Servo Joystick (J Models)
  • Hydraulic Cut & Start
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Load Arm
  • Extra Wide Wheels 31 x 15.5 -15 for reduced ground impaction
  • Off-Load Lock for consistent bale Position
  • End-Tip Kit places bales on their end where plastic coverage is greatest and avoids bales rolling


  • Auto-Start automatically starts loading the bale on contact with wrapper (EH Models)
  • Radio Remote Control Kit (EH Models)

Equipment Options


END-TIP KIT OPTION: The A Series has a light yet robust End-Tip Kit as an option. This allows the user to set bales on their end to protect from stubble damage of help prevent rolling in hilly conditions.

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