Lehner Vinero

The Lehner Vinero is a combination spreader for precise surface and row spreading of catch and cover crops, fertiliser, and grass!

With the Vinero hose spreader, seeds of all types and granular fertiliser can be dispensed over a width of 0.8 – 2.2 m with extreme precision and flexibility – either in a separate work step or in combination with other working operations – surface spreading between the rows, or from the side directly into the rows with centimetre accuracy.

The Vinero was specially developed for viticulture, fruit growing, hops, and horticulture, and can be installed on all vehicles with a 12V supply. The discharge rate (max. 400 kg/ha) can be infinitely adjusted from the driver’s seat using the control panel, and can of course also be changed while on the move.

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Product Features


Simple, convenient control from the driver’s seat – LAS 4 control panel with empty indicator:

As well as infinitely adjusting the discharge rate via the valve position and rotational speed, all other switching functions are also controlled directly via the control panel. These include Machine On/Off, Valve Open/Closed, checking the voltage, etc. In addition, the control panel issues a visual and acoustic warning (empty indicator) when the hopper level reaches the minimum, or the valve is not in position. Automatic valve control using a headland management system provides even more convenience.



Surface sowing:

For spreading between the rows, all hoses are evenly spaced on the distributor rail. This accurately sets and limits the discharge width. The baffle plate under the hoses ensures optimum lateral distribution, and also minimises susceptibility to wind.



Sideways spreading:

For fertilising in rows, the hoses on the rail are positioned inclined to the outside. The inner hoses can also be attached to the outside if necessary, thus increasing the discharge rate into the rows.



Electronic dosing

On the VINERO®, the flow rate of the spreading material is regulated directly on the control panel. In addition, the valve’s position is monitored to ensure an even discharge rate.



Valve unit with agitator

The valve unit can optionally and very easily be set for different outlet holes. For a narrow working width (80 cm), 4 holes are recommended; for a wide working width, 8 holes.


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