Lehner Vento

The Lehner Vento boasts one of the best combinations of power, functionality, and versatility of all Air Seeders in the market. Pair it up with an awesome aerator like the GH Series Aervator and you’ve got yourself a true one-pass Renovator to help you revitilize your field in no time. 

Rate controlled Air Seeder

First off, the Vento is designed to spread mixtures of fine and large seeds, catch crops and grasses, cover crops, slug pellets, mice bate, micro-granulates, fertilizer, and is a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

One of the highlights of this machine is its Tool-Free Handling of the Rotary Feeder Shaft which helps you change between fine, medium, and large seed rollers at a moment’s notice. The machines range from 120 L capacity models to bigger 500 L models. The standard unit has 8 hose outlets but anyone can opt for 16 hose outlets when choosing between the mid-range unit or higher. 

Powerful 12V Fan

Coming straight from Germany, you can rest easy knowing that this implement wields some of the strongest 12V fans that the country has to offer. Depending on the model, you’ll either have a single fan or two of them working together to achieve a high sowing rate compared to other Air Seeders.

Aside from that, the Vento also comes with high-end engineering marvels to help you get the job done easier and faster than ever before. This includes a 3.3-inch graphic display to help you have a visual of the status and condition of your machine as well as help you calibrate the pace and dosage at which you dispense your seeds. 

Mounted Air seeder

Depending on the configuration and content, this implement can dispense at a rate of somewhere between 40 kg/ha for the grass or 120 kg/ha for seeds in an 8-meter spreading width. It comes with either a 25 m or 50 m LEHNER Superflex Hose which gives this machine extensive spreading coverage as well as massive control over where you intend to place the seeds. For best effects, combine this seeder with a compatible Aerator to create a true one-pass Renovator to rejuvenate your field.



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Part No: VENTO 8
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