Minos Agri TYYKM-8 m3 Horizontal Feed Mixers


The Minos Agri TYYKM-8 m3 Horizontal Feed Mixers is designed to bring various animal feed into a homogenous mixture and to distribute this mixture with an easy to use, robust, strong and reliable structure.

Moved by tractor via an articulated shaft, the feed mixers movement is transmitted to the augers to mix various materials after being loaded in the reservoir by a dipper located at the back of the machine.

In addition, thanks to numerous knives located on the augers the mix is consistent and discharged at the desired quantity from the side of the machine by means of a pallet transmitter moved by a hydraulic motor.



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Product Features

When working with livestock, there are specific requirements for the equipment, especially for feed. Livestock needs a certain amount of nutrients and supplements from their feed. It’s equally as important that those elements are evenly distributed amongst the herd.

With its special auger and body design, there are no blind points on the machine, therefore no feed remains in the bucket after discharge. Thanks to the electronic digital scale system, available as an add on, the feed loaded in the machine may be weighed with high sensitivity and rations are prepared correctly.

Product Specifications

Volume: 8.0 m3

Transmission System: Planet Gearbox

Auger System: Double On The Base

Bucket Dimensions: 2000w x 1850h x 3000l

Total Dimensions: 2500w x 2500h x 5000l

Hydraulic Pressure System: Standard

Dipper System: Standard

Weighing System: Standard

Double Sided Discharge: Optional

Thickness Of Frame: 10 mm

Thickness Of Auger: 16 mm

Number Of Knives On Auger: 48

Number Of Coulter Knives On Auger: 26

Wheels: 12.5 / 80-15.3

Unladen Weight: 3850 kg

PTO RPM: 540

Tractor HP Required: 50

Elevator: Dual Elevators, 3.0m & 1.0m

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