Farmtech TURF Series Aervator

The Farmtech TURF Series Aervator involves perforating the soil with slots to relieve compaction and allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate down to the grassroots. New science has shown that aeration is vital to soil health. Aeration supports the living layer of your soil by creating channels for air and water to feed the aerobic bacteria that live below the surface of the soil. Through aeration air is allowed to penetrate the first 100 cm of the soil to support aerobic bacteria growth. Aerobic microbes need air to properly stabilize soil PH and convert organic matter to plant available nutrients. This microbial activity has been found to increase the soils water holding capacity.

Channel and cracks in the soil profile allow rain and irrigation to be easily absorbed by your soil where it’s needed instead of running off into the creek. Aeration breaks surface crust and creates deep channels and cracks that drastically increase your soils ability to absorb moisture. This process helps develop vigorous deep root systems helping your plants become more drought resistant. Deep rooted plants also have far greater uptake of minerals and trace elements, ultimately resulting in healthier livestock.



Additional Information

Part No Size Price
TA120 1.2M POA
TA150 1.5M POA
TA180 1.8M POA

Product Features

The Turf Aervator is the ideal machine for aerating lawns. Proudly manufactured in Australia and 20-30 HP, the Turf Aervator was designed with your yard in mind. 

Keeping your turf healthy doesn’t need to be a 24/7 process. Our innovative equipment addresses issues you face every day in growing and upkeep a professional level turf for your golf course, sports field, commercial landscape and all other turf needs. 

The Turf Aervator’s standard features include a heady duty over spec steel-framed made of quality Australian steel, painted finish, large rotor bearings, single gang system, aeration fixed settings. 

Our Turf Aervator is a versatile, cost-effective machine you can rely on to deliver the beautiful turf you deserve. 

Available configurations include 3PL or trailing, fixed frame, and 1.2 to 1.8-metre working widths. 

Equipment Options

  • Optional trailing kits for all models

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