Turbojet SPR Air seeder

When Tilling and seeding in separate passes across a large tract of land, it’s not uncommon for farmers to go back and forth all over the field for hours on end to complete the job. These long hours account for a lot of the wear and tear on your tractor and rob you of time that you can spend doing other jobs and least of all these passes will cost you unnecessary fuel consumption. 

Cover more ground as quickly as possible by mounting a Turbojet SPR Air seeder to any tillage machine! Thanks to its larger hopper capacity and increased number of outlets, the SPR Air seeder will save you more time and money compared to other air seeders. 

This seeder comes equipped with eight outlets that scatter seeds with the assistance of twin high-capacity air fans to propel them through 25mm seed hoses. At the end of the hoses are multiple scatter plates that ensure that the seeds are spread evenly and uniformly among the seedbed. 

The seeds are stored in a 500 L-capacity steel seed hopper that boasts maximum protection against the elements and hard impacts. However, if this proves too much for your needs, you can also opt for the SPR 6 variant with six outlets and a durable 300 L Yellow Seed hopper made from UV-resistant polypropylene plastic. 

Speaking of operability, the machine affords users multiple seed roller options depending on the type of seed is on deck: standard seed rollers, grass-rollers for high output of grass seed, and plastic seed rollers for mustard, beans, oats, etc.

Controlling the operations while inside the cab is possible thanks to a couple of controller options that allow fine-tuning of the desired seed rate with the least amount of hassle. Standard orders come with the Proficontrol unit which covers the essential actions of the machinery. 

On the other hand, you can opt for the Multifunctional control unit which lets you program the machine for radar or GPS-operated rate control. 

To maximize its effects, we highly recommend mounting the Turbojet SPR to an Aervator or any similar soil implement to make a true one-pass RenoVator so you can relieve compaction and oversow renovating fields in a single pass.

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Proficontrol unit:
ON/OFF; speed control of seed roll motor (=adjustment of output amount), blower ON/OFF, control light for blower

Multifunctional control unit:
Speed variocontrol, full automatically; A speed sensor is fitted on the trailing third weelor on all-weelshaft of the vehicle. After a short programming (ca. 10 min.) you can operate full automatically. (empty annunciatoroptional); digital display: output amount kg/ha – Total spreadedkg –machined surface ha –speed km/h

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