The Tubeline TL70 Bale Wrapper is the new generation of TL Series inline bale wrappers and are built to provide producers and custom operators with high efficiency and proven reliability. To ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of the high moisture hay, Tubeline BaleWrappers are available in multiple configurations to suit your needs and your budget. The TL70 will wrap square and round bales.



Additional Information

Part No: TL70
Price: POA

Product Features

For those looking for high volume custom wrapping operators, the TL70 incline wrapper is the ideal piece of equipment, it’s quick on wrapping bales and keep you moving on to your next job. 

The TL70s oversized hoop not only allows you to wrap larger bales but also allows bales of 3x4x5.5 to be wrapped stacked. 

The TL70 comes equipped with Tubelines Twin Wrap Kit, a 20HP Honda engine with 16 GPM pump and hydraulic cooler, and tubelines industry-leading Film Snap. This is the perfect machine to ensure you get even the biggest bales thoroughly wrapped for quality feed. 

The tL70 series is available in both LSV and ECV models. 

Film Snap

Standard on all inline Balewrapper models, Tubeline’s Film Snap easily cuts wrap with a single action. Press and hold the Film Snap plunger located beside the operator’s panel until both the tensioners pass, triggering the cutting action. The Film Snap bar snaps into action safely cutting the wrap without stopping the cycle.


ECV Exclusive Features

  • Soft Start
  • Bale Counter (Lifetime)
  • Bale Counter (Resettable)
  • Bale Presets
  • Large Easy to Read Display
  • Remote Engine Start
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Single Joystick Control to drive/steer

Other Standard Features

  • Main Control Panel Wired for Field Installed Options
  • Safety Shut Off Switch on Guards
  • Safety Shut Off Switch on Panel
  • Retractable Tongue
  • Folding Tongue
  • Electric Start 13HP Honda Gas Engine (18 Amp Charging System)
  • Low Oil Alert on Engine
  • Spark Arrestor on Engine
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Temperature Gauge on Hydraulic Tank
  • 25L / 6.6 USG Fuel Tank with Fuel Pump
  • Limit Switches
  • Adjustable Stroke Length on Charge Table
  • Round to Square Bale Wrapper Conversion
  • Roller Bed Locking Lever
  • Electric over Hydraulic Controls
  • Fully Automatic Cycling
  • Automatically Idles Down When Cycle Completed
  • Drive Wheel
  • 34″ Pre-Tensioner Carriers
  • Lock Pin (Hoop)
  • Roller Wheels
  • Push Ram
  • Push Ram Cylinders
  • Cross Tube Unloading (to push off last bale) Patented
  • King Pins with Tapered Bearings
  • Road Lights
  • Quick Start Hydraulic Over Centre Cam Axle
  • Lug Tires on Rear Axle
  • Square Bale Riser Kit to Accept 6ft. Long Square Bales
  • Side Hill Roller Kit

Supporting Documents

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