RCM Hydraulic Strimmer


The RCM Hydraulic Strimmer is a practical and rapid machine. It can be applied to every shredder model and eliminates infesting grasses effectively and in a short time. The cut is carried out by 24 nylon whips (increasable to 42) fixed by a head activated by a hydraulic engine. The machine can move horizontally due to a feeler pin which, at the same time, lets the cutting head go back immediately when it comes into contact with the stump. The operator can control the sensitivity of the feeler pin working on a piston that regulates the tension of a spring. The head works on contact with the soil and its vertical swing is supported by an articulated parallelogram, set by a damping spring which allows to work in areas with irregular soil.

  • Cat 2 – Three point linkage mounting pins.
  • 24 Nylon whips (upgradeable to 48)
  • Hydraulic drive requiring 28-40 Ltrs/minute
  • Manufacturers 12 month warranty.



Additional Information

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Product Features

The RCM hydraulic strimmer is the ideal machine to effectively eliminate weeds that grow among vines in vineyards or fruit trees.  The cut is made of 24 strands of nylon fixed to a cutting head, all driven by a hydraulic motor. 

The freeler allows the machine to move horizontally upon contact with the stem of the vine or fruit tree and immediately retards the cutting head. The operators also have control of the sensitivity of the feeler by using a piston that regulates the tension of the spring.

Product Specifications

  • 48cm cut
  • 24 nylon whips
  • Upgradeable to 48
  • Hydraulic drive 28-40 Litres flow requirement.
  • Weight, 60 kg

Supporting Documents

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