The Teagle Spiromix Cement Mixer

Easy Loading – through the wide mouth of the drum.

Easy Unloading – the drum rotates in one direction for mixing and in the opposite direction for unloading. Hydraulic motor drive – easily controlled from the tractor seat via the external services spool valve.

Good Mix – the deep spirals, needed to give a good unloading action, also give a quick and thorough mix.

Good Unloading Height – because the drum does not tip to unload, the discharge height is always good.



Additional Information

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Product Specifications

Specifications – Spiromix 200H
Drum Volume: 560 litres (20 cu.ft)
Approx Mix Volume: 280 litres (10 cu.ft)
Loading Height To Drum Lip: 57 cm
Weight Empty: 190 kg
Approx Laden Weight: 815 kg
Drum Diameter: 82 cm
Drum Length: 111 cm
Mounting: CAT 2 linkage
Min Tractor Size: 50 HP

Supporting Documents

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