SGH Series Aervator

For some, the GH series Aervators, no matter how good it is, is just overkill especially for smaller farms that employ smaller, less powerful tractors. Farmtech recognized this plight and developed a compact version, the SGH series. Its small size, however, doesn’t make it any less effective than its sibling.

The SGH series is built to easily relieve soil compaction through the process of soil perforation or breaking up the soil’s surface by punching multiple holes. This process provides entry points for water, air, and nutrients toward the grassroots. Moreover, aeration, as this process is called, also triggers the growth and activity of aerobic bacteria found within the soil to improve the soil quality and increase the nutrients available for the plants. 

The process helps in developing vigorous deep root systems and helps give your plant better protection and resistance against the drought season. Channels and cracks in the soil profile allow rain and irrigation to be easily absorbed by your soil where it’s needed instead of running off into the creek. By utilizing this process, you can expect a healthier, greener pasture and better-fed and better-nourished livestock. 

In the SGH series each machine comes with a single-gang system in widths that range from 1.2 meters to 2 meters. But make no mistake, these implements use Australia’s finest steel to create a sturdy, heavy-duty Galv Steel frame and durable components.

The models require tractors with a power output that’s somewhere between 25-40 HP. They also boast a hot-dipped galvanized finish and large rotor bearings to withstand constant wear and tear and keep maintenance to a minimum. 

Finally, the SGH models are limited to aeration-only settings, this is unlike the GH and Maxi models that boast aeration and cultivation settings. But it more than makes up for it thanks to its use of original SUPER TINE© and heavy-duty double sealed bearings for outstanding durability. 

For best effects, we recommend hitching it up with an electric seeder and towing a spring tine harrow behind to create a true one-pass renovator to renovate your soil as well as apply seeds at the same time. 

Additional Information

Part No Size Price
SGH120 1.2M POA
SGH150 1.5M POA
SGH180 1.8M POA
SGH200 2.0M POA

Product Features

The SGH Series Aervator is similar to the GH Series Aervator in the sense that this machine relieves soil compaction without damaging the grass you already have and preventing rain runoff on your paddocks. Proudly manufactured in Australia, the SGH series Aervator is the compact version of a GH Series focusing on smaller horsepower tractors with no compromise in heavy duty construction. 

The SGH Series features a heavy duty steel frame made of quality Australian steel, hot dipped galvanised finish, large rotor bearings, a single gang system, with aeration only settings. 

This series also has three available configurations. Choose between a 3PL or trailing, fixed frame only or 1.2 to 2.0-metre working width. 

  • Heavy wall 100mm RHS Galvanized frame!
  • Heavy duty double sealed bearings housed on the inside for protection.
  • Utilizing the original SUPER TINE©
  • Cat 1-2 pick up.
  • Rear tow hitch – great for trailing Harrows!
  • Gang angle adjustable from 0-5 degrees
  • Built in weight trays.
  • Custom gang adjusting spanner supplied

Equipment Options

  • Trailing kits for all models
  • Hard facing tine option
  • Hydraulic folding wings
  • Removable concrete weights
  • Turf tines

Supporting Documents

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Download Manual