OKO-TURBO Universal Seeder

When you’re working on a seasonal basis, you don’t want to keep changing equipment every now and then, right? That’s why we highly recommend the tough, durable, and reliable OKO-Turbo Universal Seeder to be your seeder of choice. Compared to the larger Turbojet SPR Air seeder, this machine is perfect for smaller seeding operations within your farm.

Electric Universal Seeder

The OKO-Turbo is mainly an electric Air Seeder that you can conveniently hook to the 12V system of your tractor. The functions are then manipulated through a Profi in-cab control box which you can use for on/off switching, speed adjustment of seed roll, and adjustable seed amount while moving.

The OKO-Turbo is also more than capable of mounting with most types of tillage equipment for pasture improvement and cover cropping such as the GH Series Aervator which small size is perfect for the OKO-Turbo.

Multifunctional Seeder

One of the best things about this machine is its versatility. Various sizes of seed rollers are available to suit seed applications ranging from small, medium, and large sizes. Depending on the model, the OKO-Turbo can have 5 or 8 outlet tubes to suit your requirement. 5 outlet is suitable for up to 2.5 m working width while the 8 outlets can easily handle up to a working width of 3.5 m. But if you want an even larger coverage, then Lehner Vento’s 8m wide working width might be more suitable for you. 

Whichever model you choose, you’ll get a standard equipment package made up of 7.5m hoses and a 130L plastic hopper. 

Durable Electric Seeder

Amidst all that, the ultimate highlight of this seeding equipment is its durability. The plastic hopper itself is made from UV-rated poly plastic for maximum protection against the weather and possible blunt impacts. Aside from that, most parts and components are made from stainless steel materials to ensure reliability and tenacity against tough Australian farming conditions. 

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