The Iris KS-530P is a heavy-duty stainless steel single spinner fertilizer spreader. small capacity, professional spreader strong frame to fit larger tractors. It does not accept Bulka bags. Yellow Poly Hopper makes rust free and hopper level visible through hopper material.


Heavy duty frame – Designed with a square frame structure to maximize durability.

Heavy duty poly hopper – It is made of PE material, so it is not crushed even by strong impact and is hard, durable and resistant to corrosion.

Hopper Volume – 530 liters

Spreading width adjustment – 6m – 14m

Strong steel gearbox – Made of steel, which is harder than aluminum, has good durability

Stainless steel parts – Hopper, prevention plate, spinner disc and vanes are made of stainless steel material to reduce corrosion.

Accurate rate control lever – Installing lever guide pin to lock in the lever on desired rate.

Three spreading patterns – Three spreading patterns by shutter adjustment

Even spreading control with spinner – Use by adjusting the position of the four vanes attached to the spinner to the left or right depending on the type of fertilizer or specific gravity

Electric remote control system(Option):

  • A system that controls the capacity without opening the rear door inside the tractor
  • No rear windshield damage when the spreader is lifted

Side conveyors(Option):

  • It is for orchard
  • Save fertilizer and labor

Additional Information

Part No:
Price: POA

Product Specifications

Hopper Capacity: 530L
Spreading Width: 6-14m
Feature: Poly Hopper

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