IODD 970 – 2000 liters


The Iris IODD (Double Spinner) Multispreader is a 3PL multi spreader perfect for manure, compost, lime, and gypsum. The patented double shutter system handles all types of manure (3-6 meter spread) lime and granular fertilizers (8-16 meter spread). It does not accept Bulka bag. 

  • The first multi-purpose spreaders in the world
  • Spreadable fertilizer
    • Compost
    • Pellet type fertilizer
    • Granular fertilizer
  • IODD J and A series – Agitator : Hydraulic motor
  • IODD J and A series – Feeding Auger : Hydraulic
  • Spinner for IODD-J Series : P.T.O driven
  • Spinner for IODD-A Series : Hydraulic motor

Heavy duty frame –Designed with a square frame structure to maximize durability.

Hopper Volume – 970-  2000 liters

Spreading width – A series: 8m – 18m / J series: 8m – 24m

Stainless steel parts –Hopper, prevention plate, spinner disc and vances are made of stainless steel material to reduce corrosion.

Double auger system and agitator – For consistent feed out.

Two type special shutter:

  • Compost
  • Granular

Hydraulic remote control system:

  • A system that controls the capacity without opening the rear door inside the tractor using the tractor hydraulic lever
  • No rear windshield damage when the spreader is lifted
  • Compost shutter and granular fertilizer shutter operate separately, and one must be installed when selecting an option.

Hydraulic driven agitator/feeding for IODD-J Series:

  • Hydraulic driven agitator/feeding and P.T.O driven spinner
  • Easy to operate with hydraulic method and can only be operated when desired
  • When granular fertilizer is spread, only P.T.O is operated without operating the hydraulic driven agitator and feeding auger, and only the last remaining fertilizer is spread with hydraulic for a while, reducing the phenomenon of powder blowing due to the breakage of granular fertilizer

P.T.O driven double disc spreading for IODD-J Series – Fast operation with wide spreading width with two spinner

All hydraulic driven system for IODD-A Series:

  • Hydraulic driven agitator/feeding/spinner
  • Easy to operate with hydraulic method and can only be operated when desired

Double disc spreading for IODD-A Series – Two spinner wide spreading width for faster operation

Feeding speed controller for IODD-A Series – Adjust the flow rate to control the capacity of fertilizer spread.

Side conveyors (Option) for IODD-J Series – (o

  • It is for orchard
  • Save fertilizer and labor




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