Loading your spreader is one thing, and broadcasting it’s content to your paddock is another. But what if you don’t have to separate those in two different actions? The result? It’s the FT SELECT IOD Self-Loading Spreader!

Available in three different models, the IOD is a single-disc spreader that removes the burden of manually loading your spreader so you can get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Simply put down the rear bucket hatch, back up into a pile of your intended materials, and the laws of motion will do the rest of the work. Now, close the hatch and you’ll have yourself a fully loaded spreader that’s ready to get on the field. 

It is perfect for the application of both small, granulated materials like organic compost, lime, granule, sand, salt and all the way to larger, coarser materials like wood chips.

The three models are classified as General(IOD-600H), Mid(IOD-750H), and Big(IOD-900H), with each having a capacity of 780 L, 970 L, and 1160 L respectively. 

In terms of durability and quality, this machine will never disappoint as it is designed to withstand its rigorous operations. Both the hopper and the rear bucket hatch are made from premium stainless steel to prevent corrosion and damage from coarser, more rugged materials.

Feeding, agitator, and spinner are powered by hydraulics to ensure a smooth, yet powerful operation with added reliability to boot. 

The IOD can spread materials over an 8 m-12 m width that can be varied by mechanical control. These changes are brought by a patented double shutter system that ensures optimal operation depending on the material. 

The first shutter works for controlling manure and larger materials while the second control granular type fertilizers and lime with its butterfly openings.

Additional Information

Part No: IOD-900H
Price: POA

Product Features

1- stainless steel build
2- Single or twin spinners
3- 3PL
4- HYD shutter control

* Two type special shutter spreads both fertiliser and organic compost
* Spreads various materials such as organic compost, lime, granule, sand, salt, wood chip, etc
* Spinner And Agitator: Hydraulic motor
* Feeding: Auger by hydraulic
* Side conveyor for orchard optional
* Stainless steel hopper, prevention plate, spinner disc, and vanes
* Capacity controlled at driver’s seat by hydraulic cylinder. IOD-H series (Optional) for compost or fertiliser. IODD-H (Standard) for compost and fertiliser shutter.
* Bucket function allows easy loading of organic compost and fertiliser IOD-H Series.
* Scoop up the fertiliser on the ground by pushing buckets (Blade mounted model). IOD-H Series (Optional) IODD-H Series (Standard)

Product Specifications

Capacity: 1160L
Spreading Width: 8-12m
No. Discs: 1
Outlet Shutter Control: Mechanical
Spreading Pattern: Full-Width Spreading (180)
Weight: 360kg
Length: 1500mm
Height: 1330mm
Width: 2100mm
Hopper Material: Stainless Steel 430 (Option: Stainless 201 or 304)
Power: Feeding, Agitator & Spinner: Hydraulic
Self Loading: Yes

Equipment Options

1- single side conveyer
2- twin side conveyer
3- 700 – 2000L capacity
4- PTO or HYD models

Supporting Documents

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Download Manual