The Iris IE Series Electric Spreader is our most cost effective seed & bait spreading solution that can be easily mounted to the Aervator to create a “one-pass” system. The IE-100 is powered by 12-volt power source making it extremely user friendly and effective way to broadcast seed.

Additional Information

Part No Size Price
IE-70 S/C 70 Litre POA
IE-70 SS/C 70 Litre SS/C POA
IE-100 S/C 100 Litre POA
IE-100 SS/C 100 Litre SS/C POA
IE-180 S/C 180 Litre POA
IE-180 SS/C 180 Litre SS/C POA

Product Specifications

  •  Spreading rate controlled by manual shutter
  •  Yellow poly hopper makes rust free and visible inside
  •  Stainless steel frame and spinner
  •  Remote Controller
  •  Spreading width Maximum 22m, Mininum 2m
  •  Spreading width controlled by remote controller mounted in tractor/ute.

Supporting Documents

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