IE 70 -180 liters, 12v


If you are looking for a cheap, super-utility spreader, able to spread seed, fert, and bait then this might just be the answer to your problem—the Iris IE series.

Despite being a relatively smaller option in our range, the Iris IE series is one of the most popular electric spreaders in our catalog, and for good reasons. It is cheap, it is reliable, and it can be used for three different purposes. Not only are you buying a seed spreader when you choose this machine but also a fertilizer and bait spreader. 

This machine also boasts stainless steel construction all over its parts and components including the frames, discs, diverters, mudguards, and manual rate control to make them more rigid and more resistant to corrosion.

Another reason why it is one of our best sellers is it doesn’t require a PTO, or a tractor in general, for it to be used. All you need is a 12-volt power source and you can get this up and running. Its small size also allows it to be mounted on a Ute, side-by-side, or any vehicle so long as it meets the required electric power output. 

For best effects, however, the IE series is used to supplement any tillage equipment to create a true one-pass renovator to refurbish your pasture.

One thing that’s hard to miss on this spreader is its bright yellow hopper that’s made from hard, durable PE material. Depending on the model, the hopper can hold anywhere from 70L, 130L, 180L of seeds, fertilizers, or bait pellets which the machine can disperse for at least 2 meters all the way to 22 meters maximum. 

Using this machine has never been so easy thanks to its electric control system that has multiple functions including On/Off control for the spinner, Manual shutter control, and Electric spread width control. 

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Product Features

Stainless Steel – Frames, discs, diverter, mud guards, rate control are made of stainless steel material to reduce corrosion.

Heavy duty poly hopper – It is made of PE material, so it is not crushed even by strong impact and is hard, durable and resistant to corrosion.

Hopper Volume – 70 – 180 liters

Spreading width – 2m – 22m

Manual rate control – Select rate for the desired dosage.

Powerful DC12V motor – Delivers a reliable spinner speed for accurate dosage.

Diffuser – A device that installs a diffuser in the hopper to reduce the load on the agitator and spinner by the fertilizer load

In cab Electric Controller S/C:

  • On/Off control for spinner
  • Manual shutter control
  • Electric spread width control
  • Low volt battery checking lamp
  • Over load checking lamp and shut off

In cab Electric Controller SS/C:

  • On/Off control for spinner
  • Electric shutter control
  • Electric spread width control
  • Low volt battery checking lamp
  • Over load checking lamp and shut off

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