HY-SI Hay & Silage Improver


Make the best hay and silage with HY-SI. HY-Si is a nutritional tool that helps accelerate plant sugar to lactic acid, which is what’s responsible for preserving haylage and silage. HI-SI is made by the unique bio-fermentation processing of cobalt. HI-SI doesn’t have any living bacteria but does contain nutrient-rich fermentation by-products and enzymes. 

Unlike other hay and silage improvers, HI-SI reduces energy and protein loss that normally occurs during the wilting, fermentation and fee out stages. HI-SI is the lowest cost input for your hay and silage. 

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Product Features


  • Reduce the wilting time, bailing hay sooner with up to 25% moisture retaining more colour, leaf, energy and protein
  • Increase digestibility and palatability
  • Increase conversion of sugar to lactic acid for improved hay preservation, reducing heating and spoilage


  • Accelerate the natural ensiling process through more rapid conversion of sugar to lactic acid
  • Retain more energy and dry matter
  • Improve palatability for increased livestock dry matter intake


  • Improved digestive efficiency due to carry over of cobalt dextro-lac in hay and silage
  • Improved dry matter intake due to more rapid breakdown of forage in the rumen
  • Improved utilisation of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals in forage
  • Less wastage – less fibre and protein in manure

HY-SI is non corrosive, requires no refridgeration, has the longest shelf life when mixed, is safe to the operator and safe for the environment.

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