GS2 1400


You can not have the top producing farm in Australia without enlisting the help of the best-performing economy Fertilizer Spreader in the market that is the Agromaster GS2 1400. Sleek, compact, and robust, this machine gives farmers a  cost-effective spreading solution that will help hasten the job and do it in the most outstanding way. 


Economical Twin Disc Spreader

The GS2 1400 is a budget-friendly spreading solution that helps farmers dispense granular fertilizers including urea. It does this with the help of two stainless steel disc spinners that can spread its contents consistantly up to 18-20 meters away. 

The rate of spread can be easily calibrated using two mechanical levers in the front of the machine and can be hydraulically shut off without leaving the comforts of your tractor’s cabin.

It is proudly built in Europe so you can expect it to be built using the highest quality materials and adhere to the most stringent of specifications and evaluation in order to reach the tough European and Australian standards.

Heavy Duty Spreader meets Affordability

One of the best things about the GS2 is that one can immediately know that Argomaster didn’t skimp on the materials used in building this machine. The main structure of the spreader is built with solid steel to help it handle the stress of operations and bear the weight of the fertilizers. 

The hopper by itself is assembled from stainless steel sheets that boast tremendous durability and the ability to withstand corrosion brought by the fertilizers. 

However, the ultimate highlight in terms of strength and ruggedness is its heavy-duty, PTO gearbox that can withstand enormous punishment and pressure from the 65-100HP engine required to power the machine and the 540 RPM needed to keep it running.


Power Lifting Competitor

This machine can easily carry a one-ton bulka bag of granular fertilizers thanks to its extremely sturdy and rugged hopper. However, you can choose to configure your order and have it come with an optional powerful lifter to make the entire loading process a one-man job. 


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