GH Series Aervator

Renovating your pasture is a long and arduous process. But that’s what you would expect if you don’t use the right tools and implement them to help you get the job done. With Farmtech’s GH series Aervators, you’ll be able to restore any pasture to top-notch condition with the least possible hassle.

The GH series premiere workhorse in Farmtech’s catalog of Aervators. It is built to be the ultimate standard when it comes to pasture renovation and is therefore built with premium-quality, heavy-duty materials for it to perform better and last longer than the competition.

This implement easily relieves soil compaction and allows water, air, and nutrients to penetrate down to the grassroots. This process also propagates the growth and activity of aerobic bacteria which then improves the soil quality and augment the nutrients that are available for the plants. 

The process helps develop vigorous deep root systems helping your plants become more drought resistant. Deep-rooted plants also have far greater uptake of minerals and trace elements, ultimately resulting in healthier livestock.

However, the GH series is systematically designed to do its task without disturbing or destroying the grass that is already present. You can control this by choosing among five of its operation modes depending on your requirements or the condition of your present field.

The GH series boasts a standard lineup of six fixed-width models with working widths that range from between 2-meters to 5-meters that requires a tractor with a power output that’s somewhere between 45-140 HP depending on the model. Each unit has a multi-gang system that effectively perforates the soil with every single pass. 

But if you’re looking for something way bigger, then the 12-meter foldable colossal is also available for you.

For any of the models, what you’ll get is an amazing implement that requires hardly any maintenance thanks to its durable, large rotor bearings.  Each aeration spike or blade also boasts incredible durability against abrasion and impacts thanks to its dipped galvanized finish.

But for best effects, we highly recommend combining the Maxi series with an electric seeder and a spring tine harrow to create a true one-pass renovator so you can perturb the soil as well as apply seeds at the same time.



Additional Information

Part No Size Price
GH2004 2.0M POA
GH2404 2.4M POA
GH3004 3.0M POA
GH3504 3.0M POA
GH4004 4.0M POA
GH5004 5.0M POA

Product Features

The GH Series Aervator relieves soil compaction without damaging the grass you already have and prevents rain runoff on your paddocks, cropping, vineyards and orchards. The Aervator is multifunctional, it increases water and air penetration, boosting soil bacteria and root growth. Proudly manufactured in Australia, the GH series is the workhouse of the Aervator range.

The GH Series Aervator breaks surface crust and creates deep channels and cracks that drastically increase your soils ability to absorb moisture. This process helps develop vigorous deep root systems helping your plants become more drought resistant

The GH Series features large rotor bearings, a multi-gang system, and a dipped galvanised finish. Configure the machine to 3PL or trailing, a fixed or folding frame, and 2.0 to 12-meter working width. 


  • The axle is straight
  • This is used when the soil structure is very friable.
  • The tines will usually penetrate their full depth.
  • This setting is usually used to maintain the soil structure, possibly once a year in a maintenance program.


  • The axle has 2.5 degrees of angle
  • This is ideal for your first use of the aervator.
  • If your ground is hard the tines may not penetrate very far, maybe only 25-50 mm.
  • Don’t worry, this is normal. Aeration is not a quick fix.


  • The axle has 5 degrees of angle
  • Use this setting for subsequent uses of the aervator.
  • With each pass you should change the direction of travel.
  • Across then diagonally is ideal.


  • The axle has 7.5 degrees of angle
  • On this setting the aervator starts to get aggressive.
  • You may require additional weight or ‘ballast’ to acheive maximum depth.
  • This setting is best used after previous passes and will fracture any compaction layer.
  • If used on extremely hard ground the tines will probably not penetrate very far.


  • The axle has 10 degrees of angle
  • On this setting the aervator is very aggressive.
  • Again use weight.
  • This setting is best used after previous passes and will fracture any compaction layer.
  • If used on hard ground the tines will probably not penetrate very far.

Aeration requires multiple uses of the aervator to achieve results.
Depending on your soil structure, this could take 12-24 months.
The ideal time to use is autumn and spring depending on your rainfall.

Equipment Options

  • Trailing kits for all models
  • Hard facing tine option
  • Hydraulic folding wings
  • Removable concrete weights
  • Turf tines
  • Larger models available up to 12m

Supporting Documents

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