The Irtem FTD 3000 is a 3m, 24 row tine drill with 5-inch spacings with hydraulic front coulters incorporating seed and fertiliser boxes. The Irtem FTD Is the ideal machine for direct drilling, over sowing and sowing into cultivated land.

The Baker boot style point creates excellent tilth for seed bedding while the hydraulic front coulters ensure a clean-cut minimising disturbance in over-sowing applications. Multiple seed rollers and variable gearbox drive ensure accurate seeding at both the low and highest rates. The double shoot system with staggered drop levels maximises seed placement while minimises the risk of seed burn from the fertiliser.


  • 5 inch spacing
  • Tungsten carbide tipped baker boots
  • Front coulter (hydraulic)
  • Front tow bar (hydraulic)
  • Individual seed/fertiliser shoots.
  • Covering harrows
  • Travel Light kit
  • Rear tow bar
  • Seed/Fertiliser level indicator
  • Tool box
  • Large seed box (1080L)
  • Large fertiliser box (700L)
  • Variable speed gearbox (seed metering)
  • Independent Seed and Fertiliser ground drive (calibration)

Additional Information

Part No: FTD 3000
Price: POA

Product Features

The FDD 3000 features oversized bearings on each disc. Each double row arm is mounted to a 4x triangular rubber mounted block, reducing moving parts and increasing the life of the components which are made from high-quality steel alloys for durability during use in competitive climates across various terrains. 

The adjustable seed wheels can be adjusted based on what type of soil you’re working with (different types like clay or silt) while also having capability as well as being able to plant different size seeds depending on your needs at any given time due to its wide range capacities that adapt accordingly every day without fail by using only two gearboxes: one for controlling seed dosage and another for fertiliser dosages!

Product Specifications

Rows: 24
Working Width: 3 meters
Overall Width: 3.3 meters
Seed capacity: 1080L
Fertiliser capacity: 700L
Seeding rates minimum/maximum: 2kg – 150kg+
Configuration: coil tine with baker boot.
Tine spacing: 5 inches
Front coulters: 13 inch
Covering harrows: yes

Supporting Documents

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