The all-new STINGER by Dion Ag is the next step in the continued evolution of the F41 forage harvester. The F41 STINGER combines the “straight through” design of the original F41 with a massive side-loading spout. The F41 STINGER couples the ability to load directly into trucks and trailers with the convenience of fully electrohydraulic controls. A wide view camera and on-board color monitor come standard with the F41 STINGER, allowing the operator a clear view of the target without straining to look in multiple directions at once. The F41 STINGER provides the functionality of a self-propelled harvester with the practicality of a pull-type unit.

Easily load to the left or right, the stinger raises up to a height of 18.5’ (5.6 m) with a length of 18’ (5.5 m) and offers 280° rotation with a 4m minimum reach. The modular design is convertible from the side loading to a trailed loading configuration. Folds down safely for transport to a height of less than 3 m and is fully supported on an integrated hydraulic accumulator suspension for a smooth ride in the field and down the road. A dedicated, fully integrated heavy-duty transition base is installed on all F41 STINGER harvesters. The stinger is fitted with abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 and Domex 100 liners and these are fully replaceable with direct access from the top. The F41 Stinger is equipped with a two section bi-fold deflector and a standard wide-angle day and night camera with 7 inch in-cab color monitor.




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Part No: F-411000DH8-1
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