Minos Agri DTM Speed Disc

When it comes to speed disc utilization, nothing can be as straightforward as the Minos Agri DTM speed disc. Just hook this Impliment to your tractor and move forward in a steady 10-12 Km/H range and you’ll leave behind a perfect seedbed that’s ready for sowing.

Seedbed preparation

Primarily designed as a tool to relieve soil compaction and seedbed preparation, the DTM is built from heavy steel that can overpower any stubborn spots within your field. Furthermore, the toothed discs are made out of boron steel alloy for maximum strength and endurance while digging through the soil’s surface. 

Aside from that, this machine is also a reliable way to terminate weeds and integrate green manure into your field. This will encourage healthy growth for the next seeding or planting cycle. 

Rubber Suspension Speed Disc

To protect the speed discs from blunt impacts, the esteemed manufacturer integrated a rubber suspension that serves as a cushion for the entire platform and prevents it from being damaged. This, in combination with its already sturdy construction, ensures that the DTM Speed Disc can be used repeatedly for years to come.

It also features a hydraulic system that controls the working depth of the cage roller as well as its two rows of jagged discs. This also allows the roller to be lifted above the machine for tighter turns in headlands and easier transportation to and from the field. 

Stubble Integration

The machine is available in sizes between 1.8 meters all the way to 3.5 meters. For best results use a working speed of 10 – 12 Km/H. Available in 1.8m – 3.5m models.

  • Power Requirement: 80-120 HP depending on model. 



Additional Information

Part No Size Price
DTM-14 1.8M POA
DTM-16 2.0M POA
DTM-18 2.2M POA
DTM-20 2.5M POA
DTM-24 3.0M POA
DTM-28 3.5M POA
DTM-32 4.0M POA
DTM-40 5.0M POA

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