DTM Beta Speed Disc Coil Spring

Traditional farming methods set seedbed preparation and stubble processing apart from each other. But not with the DTM Beta Speed Disc Coil Spring. Using its clever design and systematically arranged components, farmers can cover more ground while saving time and fuel costs. 


What the DTM Beta Speed Disc Coil Spring is All About

The DTM Beta Speed Disc Coil Spring is a light disc tiller that is designed to provide an ideal seedbed for plants, crops, and grass. Additionally, it is an excellent machine to be used in stubble processing

Its main components are it’s two rows of opposite facing disc harrows that very aggressive work front which ensures optimal flow of soil and/or residue in every work condition. The disc arrangement also ensures that stubble is minced and mixed in the best way possible for it to be broken down in the soil allowing it to be absorbed much faster by future crops. 

Consequently, it also brings biological balance of the soil again by allowing water and oxygen to penetrate deep below the surface and into the root zone. 


Durability and Efficiency

It may be referred to as a light disc tiller but there’s nothing light about its build quality and the materials used to construct it. 

The main platform is built using a select choice of high-quality thick steel plates. Another noticeable aspect is that the brush tines are suspended on solid HSS steel for added strength and effectiveness against stubborn weeds and clumped-up soil. 

The discs are mounted on independent Coil Security that protects your investment and is spaced by 30 cm to increase efficiency and operating performance. 

A robust cage roller can be found in the rear for a flatter, more even finish and ensures that the correct depth had been achieved. 


Bottom Line

All in all, the DTM CS Beta is designed to withstand a working speed of somewhere between 12 and 15 Km/h. The power requirement ranges from 75-85 HP for the base model and 120-140 HP for the superior model.

BETA DTM versions are available measuring 2.2 to 3.7 m and hydraulic adjustment of the rear cage roller can be selected for a more precise work depth. 

Additional Information

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Product Features

Standard equipments 

  • Universal three point hitch, cat. 2 
  • Ø 560 mm notched discs 
  • Oil-bath hubs 
  • Spring dampeners 
  • Rear roller 


  • Cage or double cage roller 
  • Ø 610 mm notched discs 
  • Dry-lube hubs 
  • Transit-mode lighting kit 

Supporting Documents

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