BM 18 Seed Drill (3.3M)


There’s should only be one choice if you’re planning to sow your seeds on pre-prepared soil and that is the reliable workhorse Argomaster BM series! 


This machine is a heavy-duty single disc seed drill that is primarily designed to carry and dispense larger seeds such as cereal like wheat, rye, barley, oats, among others as well as legumes like peas, beans, lentils, etc. 


That said, it can effectively dispense small seeds by use of an optional small seedbox.


One of the strongest points of this line of seed drills is that it comes in numerous types and configurations to meet every need and requirement of farmers all over Australia. 


Farmers can customize their machine in a number of different ways including the following: mechanical or hydraulic lifting lever of sowing discs, with drawbar or three-point linkage system for transportation, mechanical or hydraulic markers for marker control, with large or small wheels, with tractor track ripper and with or without a fertilizer hopper.


In addition to that, these machines are proudly made and designed in Europe using the highest quality steel to build the main body. The components undergo a rigid manufacturing process for a high-quality outcome and ensure reliability and longevity for years to come. 


These seed drills can be produced in 12-28 rows to cover an effective work width that ranges somewhere between 1.7 m or 3.4 m depending on the chosen model.


Depending on the size and configuration of the machine, they should require a tractor with a power output varying from 40-45 HP all the way to 90-95 HP for the wider models. 


For trailed variants, however, the BM series employs a unique yet reliable mechanism to run its operations: The fertilizer hopper system is driven by the left wheel while the seed hopper system is driven by the right wheel of the machine.

Additional Information

Part No:
Price: POA

Product Specifications

Number Of Discs: 18
Total width: 3322 mm
Total Length: 2930 mm
Total Height: 1430 mm
Working Depth Max: 100 mm
Working Width: 2556 mm
Length Of Hopper: 2722 mm
Space Between Of Disc: 142 mm
Space Between Wheels: 3154 mm
Fertilizer Hopper Volume: 289 L
Seed Hopper Volume: 415 L
Fertilizer Hopper Capacity: 250 kg
Speed Hopper Capacity Wheat: 230 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Barley: 230 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Oats: 180 kg
Seed Hopper Capacity Lentil: 336 kg
Required Power: 65-70 HP
Weight: 970 kg

Equipment Options

  • Optional Farmscan ‘Jackal’ Hectare meter available


Supporting Documents

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