The AusMix Feed Mixers feature a Fibre-X Auger at its heart, developed for Australian feeding that will correctly process fibre to give your animals the nurtritional edge in terms of productivity and herd health. Coupled with it’s standard wide body mixing tub, large bales have more space to be pulled into the mixer, reducing any material being thrown out and greatly improving time and efficiency.  In addition, the wide body allows for a lower profile design making it more suitable for smaller loaders like tractors and skid steers.



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Part No: US-1630 HD-1
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Product Features

Every AusMix feed mixer is proudly manufactured here in Australia! If you’re looking for a reliable, durable feed mixer designed for Australian farming conditions, choose Ausmix. and mixes the right quality of feed necessary for both farmers and their livestock. ???

Every AusMix feeder offers a Firbre-X auger. Made specifically for Australian feeding programs, AusMix XL bowls are 2.65m wide, Making processing high-density big bales a breeze. expect accurately processed fibre to maximize scratch factor for your livestock. The AusMix Fibre-X auger guarantees to deliver a consistent top to bottom cutting along with a consistent mix from start to finish. 

Whether it’s fibre forage, grain or heavy wet ration, the machine’s razor-sharp Tungsten carbide knives can work through it.

The feed mixer tubs come in three different sizes. The XL 12 is a single auger 12 cubic meter Feed mixer and The XL 24 and XL 32 are Twin-screw Feed mixers, 24 and 32 cubic meters respectfully

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