The Unia Ares XL 3.5 features:

  • Designed for pre-sowing and stubble tillage
  • Wide range of working widths, from 3 to 6 m
  • Based on 2 rows of discs that provide easy cutting of the soil intense mixing any plant residues with hay
  • Can operate as seedbed combination unit due to the possibility of extending it of a carriage with draw-bar for the semi-mounted version
  • High area performance at low fuel consumption and low wearing rate
  • Possibility of extension to the semi-mounted or Drive versions (on the tire and transport roller, ø670 mm)



Additional Information

Part No: ARES XL 3.5
Price: POA

Product Features


Product Specifications

Equipment Options


tarczexl Two rows of toothed disc, protected by ø35×190 mm or ø42×160 mm (version H 4) shock absorbers

  • ø560/4 mm CLASSIC
  • ø560/4 mm AGRESSIVE
  • ø560/6 mm VIBRO


Pipe roller ø600 mm
packera Packer roller ø500 mm
spiralny2 Spiral roller ø600 mm
sprezynowy Spring roller L ø600 mm
ceownikowy U-Roller ø600 mm
teownikowy T-Roller ø600 mm


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