AFS Field Sprayer


If  you are looking for a tractor-mounted sprayer that will help you keep pests and unwanted weeds at bay, then we recommend none other than the AFS Field Sprayer!

Extremely versatile and reliable, the AFS Field Sprayer is developed to meet the different requirements of plant protection treatments that range from pesticide and herbicide distribution to liquid fertilizer application. 

One thing that makes the AFS Field Sprayer an enticing choice is that it’s not limited to a single model and a single capacity. In total, there are four different models with tank capacities that span from a measly 400 L all the way to an enormous 1000 L tank. 

It uses great and reliable materials for its components to make it a dependable and durable machine. The AFS field Sprayer uses a membrane-type pump which makes maintenance far and few in between. Supposing that the pump does need spares, you won’t have to worry about a thing as it is easily repaired with parts that are readily available all over Australia. 

That notion is even more amplified by its unique choice of Manual Controls over an electronic one so you’ve got a unit that won’t need any special technical knowledge to use and maintain. 

Durability-wise, you won’t ever regret getting the AFS field sprayer as your implement of choice. A galvanized steel frame supports the entire assembly together with the Polyethylene tank that is extremely durable and practical. 

Farmers have the option to choose between 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-meter Booms. The booms come equipped with standard T nozzles that are available in any spray Shop across Australia. These nozzles are all drip-free so you aren’t trickling any chemical where you don’t intend to. 

And speaking of Booms, they all utilize a filling mechanism known as Venturi Fill that helps you fill your tank. All in all, the AFS Field Sprayer will surely keep your plants’ health in top-notch condition whatever the season is.



Additional Information

Part No Size Price
AFS 400 400L w/out boom POA
AFS 600 600L w/out boom POA
AFS 800 800L w/out boom POA
BOOM 6M 6M boom POA
BOOM 8M 8M boom POA
BOOM 10M 10M boom POA
BOOM 12M 12M boom POA

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