Tubeline Accelerator


The Tubeline Accelerator has easy operation and conditions hay by simply running it through adjustable steel crimping rollers, up to 15 mph. This process cracks the hay stems without knocking off the leaves. Conditioning also fluffs the hay, allowing air to flow through the swath, for faster and more even drying from top to bottom.

Speed up your operation with the Tubeline Accelerator producing better hay, faster drying time and bigger profits.



Additional Information

Part No Model Price
HC7500T 7500T POA
HC9500T 9500T POA

Product Features


Heavy Duty Chain Drive

Transfers power evenly from PTO to both rollers, ensuring constant tension at any roller setting which is achieved by an exclusive pivoting jack shaft.


Adjustable Steel Rollers

Increase or decrease amount of desired crimp by easily adjusting top roller up or down. Solid roller construction ensures consistency of crimping every time.

Adjustable Rear Deflectors

Allows producers to create the ideal windrow profile for the current hay & weather conditions.

Supporting Documents

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