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    Direct customer procedure

    Step 1 - submit a request by filling out the FarmTech Parts and warranty form by clicking here!

    Step 2 - Our Parts Team will reach out to you in regards to confirming your warranty eligibility.

    Step 3 - after approval of warranty, Our Parts Team will arrange the shipment of parts to a certified FarmTech Dealership near you, where all warranty work must take place.

    Step 4 - After completion the FarmTech dealer will invoice FarmTech directly for warranty related labor.

    Table of contents

         Standard Warranty
         FarmTech Parts and Warranty form
         Written Approval from FarmTech
         Requirements to maintain Warranty
         Keep up maintenance
         FarmTech Approval Dealer
         Approved Parts
         Dealer Pre - delivery
         Dealer labor

    Standard 12 month warranty

    FarmTech Machinery has a standard 12 month Manufacturer warranty on all products.

    Farm Tech Machinery Pty Ltd through an extension of the OEM manufacturers original warranty policy, hereby warrant any product(s) as supplied or manufactured by the company for the period of one (1) year against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service following delivery of such goods to the first user, with the exception of Contractors or Commercial users whereas the warranty period is limited to six (6) months. Our obligations under this warranty is to repair or replace at our discretion, either at our factory or authorised dealer service outlet, any part or parts thereof which within the warranty period is brought to our attention as faulty and returned to our factory or authorised dealer service outlet and following examination discloses it to have been defective. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear on items whose life is dependant on their use and care, such as switches, bolts, chain drives, belting, bearings, PTO shafts, hoses, blades, tines or adjustment parts not manufactured by Farm Tech Machinery such as engines, batteries, gearboxes, PTO shafts, hydraulic components, tyres or ancillary items. For warranty advice on manufacturers guarantees for these items, please contact Farm Tech Machinery Pty Ltd. This warranty is limited to the included content and no claim is recognised for consequential loss or compensation to any claimant due to the failure of any component or equipment as covered under this warranty.

    FarmTech Parts and Warranty form

    • All claims must be submitted on FarmTech Parts and Warranty Form Click Here
    • Authorisation by Farm Tech Machinery management must be gained before equipment or parts are returned under warranty or warranty rectification is commenced.
    • All claims for warranty must be submitted via an official Farm Tech Machinery Warranty Claim Form. This can be lodged through Farm Tech’s online Warranty Form available at www.farmtech.com.au in the header under “Parts and warranty form”
    • One claim form is required for each machine.
    • Provide all information as required on the claim form to ensure early processing and minimal repair delays.

    Written approval from farmtech

    • Written approval is required by Farm Tech Machinery Management prior to commencing any warranty work.

    Requirements to maintain warranty

    Keep up with maintenance suggested in your owner's manual

    • Failure by the purchaser to perform adequate and regular maintenance of the equipment as defined within the Manufacturers Operation/Instruction Manual will render the Warranty Null and Void

    FarmTech Approved dealer

    All warranty work must be carried out by a FarmTech Approved dealer

    Approved Parts

    • Approved parts replacement will be supplied to the dealer on any warranty claim approved by Farm Tech Machinery
    • Parts used by dealers must be genuine Farm Tech approved parts, failure to use genuine parts will render the Warranty Null and Void.

    Dealer Pre- Delivery

    • When a machine is sold, the selling dealer will accept the labour content of any Pre-Delivery procedure and any forthcoming warranty claims resultant of the Pre Delivery.

    Dealer labor

    • Work carried out by the dealer on machinery he has not sold and considered warranty by Farm Tech Machinery will be reimbursed for labour at current labour rate as per Farm Tech Machinery’s warranty schedule, credited to his spare parts account and parts used will be replaced by Farm Tech Machinery.
    • An invoice must be provided for any recovery of warranty costs. The invoice must specify the labour time in hours (Farm Tech Machinery will pay a maximum of $85.00 p/h for labour). Please note, travel costs will not be reimbursed.
    • Travel time is not covered under warranty and is not therefore claimable from Farm Tech Machinery.

    We need to see the problem so we can avoid it in the future
    • Warranty claims and credits will not be actioned unless faulty parts/machine is returned to Farm Tech Machinery (if and when requested) for assessment
    • Owners/Dealers are responsible for freight of equipment and/or parts returned for warranty purposes. Farm Tech Machinery accepts outward freight for parts forwarded to dealers under warranty.
    • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF WARRANTY CLAIM FORMS Farm Tech Machinery will cover the costs of parts and labour for pre-approved warranty claims. Please note, travel time / costs will not be reimbursed.