When the soil in your paddock’s become compacted, your pasture will have a difficult time developing an effective root structure. This is because the roots of your pasture are unable to penetrate and freely grow in heavily compacted soil. This often presents as patchy, dwarf or drought intolerant paddocks.

Traditional disc and tine tillage in pasture paddocks does correct compaction problems on the surface, but it also destroys any quality pasture you already have. Traditional tillage eases compaction on the surface but does create a deeper hard pan over time and a hardpan will continue to hinder a plant’s development, making it difficult for the plant to penetrate deep to find water and other nutrients. Traditional tillage is also a known contributor to topsoil erosion, runoff, destruction of sub-surface organic activity and the release of carbon from your soil.

Annual Aeration corrects all of these issues.

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