A Jeantil EVR 14-11 going through its paces.Jeantil are the world leaders in Spreading Technology. There full
range of spreading devices posses a parabolic smooth body, Steel S420.
The integrated chassis delivers a noticeably more steady and easier to
clean machine.

The hydraulic moving floor with electric controls with the floor
speed adjusted from the cab and interior/exterior access ladders put
this machine ahead of the pack for accessibility and ease of operations.

The greasing points are centralized at the font and rear.

All Jeantil spreading devices are approved for Australian conditions,
with the added benefit of DLG Approval, German Certification Institute
covering:Note the even ground spread as observed in the foreground of this image!

  • Wide spreading quality and projection power.
  • Reliability (test relied on 2000 loads).
  • Safety.
  • Road and fatigue test on a ring at 40 km/h with prohibite structure failure.
  • 3 year guaranteed monobloc gearbox.
  • EVR8-6 to 15-12: 540 PTO RPM.
  • EVR14-11 upward: 1000 PTO RPM

The Jeantil EVR 21-15 delivers it’s 24 cubic meter load centimeter perfect during this demonstration.

When size does matter! The Jeantil EVR 27-20 Tri-axle.