H&S 50 being towed behind an ATV.The range of small H&S Manure Spreaders have been specifically designed for stable accessibility. The H&S 25 and the H&S 50 are both ideal for the smaller scale farm, horse enthusiast or organic farming operation. Smooth, Even, Positive Spreading.

The H&S 25 is easily pulled by an ATV whilst the H&S 50 is better suited to behind a gator or ute. Both machines operate by ground drive, meaning there is no requirement for any additional power source such as PTO or electricity.

These machines take the guess-work out of what to do with your stable manure and allow you to start managing Larger H&S Spreaders are available in the manure spreading range, such as this H&S 270 pictured in action.your horse yards and pastures much more effectively with strategic placement of manure/fertilizer.