The ITS180 & ITS 300 are designed to tow behind the ATV. There is not a better trailed, ground-drive seeder on the market. The UV stabilized Poly Hopper and fully stainless spinner mechanism give this spreader the long life you demand.Small Acreage Seeders/Fertilizers

Ground drive, 180 & 300 litre versions of the UV stabilised high density poly hopper, adjustable spreading angle, 2-12 metre spreading width and stainless steel spinner are some of the features of this robust little unit.

When the job gets that bit too big for the 4 wheeler, try the ITDS-600G twin spinner, trailed seed and fertilizer spreader. Ideal for your Gator or Utility vehicle.

Larger Capacity Small Acreage Seeders/Fertilizers

Ground drive broadcaster with 600 litre stainless steel hopper, spreading width from 5-20 metres and stainless steel spinners.

The ILS200 is designed to tow behind the ATV and is FarmTech’s most popular small acreage lime and manure spreader, delivering great auger action and an immaculate spread.

Trailed Lime Drop Spreaders

Also available in the Agromaster range of spreading devices is the 3pl drop spreader. This is suitable for lime, manure and fertiliser. Again, this machine is Ground drive allowing for easy use behind an ATV. Options are available between a stainless steel or fiberglass body. The stainless steel auger works in with the 5 position shutter control to moderate and set the spread rate you require.