The Agromaster IODD (Double Spinner) Multispreader

At last the spreader farmers have been waiting for, the IODD double spinner spreader!

The patented double shutter system handles all types of manure (3-6 metre spread) & lime, to granular fertilisers (8-16 metre spread).

Easy Loading
Hydraulic tip (only on H models) allows self loading of manure and fertilizer

Spinner & Shutter System
Spinner is hydraulic drive.
Spinner speed controls the spreading width
Shutter One works for manure
Shutter Two has butterfly openings to control granular type fertilizers and lime

Auger & Agitator
Auger drive pulls material into the hopper outlet.
The agitator stops bridging of material.
Both the Auger and Agitator are driven by hydraulic motor



Additional Information

Part No Model Price
IODD-750J IODD-750J $7,975
IODD-1300J IODD-1300J $9,845
IODD-1300A IODD-1300A $9,900
IODD-2000J IODD-2000J $11,710

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