FarmTech are proud to launch a new Silage Forage Harvester for Australian Farmers.  Silage equipment has been a major product for FarmTech, starting in the early 1990’s with silage inoculants, then introducing Tanco silage wrapping 20 years ago, followed by Tubelines continuous bale wrapping machines from Canada.

The JF C240 silage forage harvester has a 2 row corn front and a 2.0m 5 disc mower for grass silage.  JF is a Brazilian campany (not to be confused with JF Group in  Denmark!).

Geoff Modra, Managing Director of FarmTech Machinery has regularly visited international agricultural machinery shows around the world, always looking for the next best machine to offer Australian farmers the advantage to be more productive.  Over 18 months ago Geoff visited the JF stand in Agritechnical and was impressed with this semi-mounted forager.  Geoff saw its advantage to compliment the larger Jaguar self-propelled forager as the lower investment and ability to handle smaller areas efficiently was a big attraction.  With hourly capacity of up to 50 tonnes it can get the job done at a lower cost per tonne/hectare, says Geoff.

The patterned c section chopper knives have the ability to stay sharp longer and cut efficiently.  The sharpening system is built into the machine for easy maintenance.  The chop length is easily controlled for the 2.0m to 36mm to give the farmer the silage he requires.  The c240 is unlike older foragers, it has no belts or chain drives, driven by gear system for reliability.  The 2.0 grass front is quickly changed from a 2 row corn front giving a truly multi-purpose forager for farmers and contractors alike.

FarmTech General Manager, Phil Hartley, with one of the new
JF Forage Harvesters with the front maize attachment

Last November, Geoff Modra visited the JF factory in Brazil, the factory is some 200km from Sao Paulo.  The road system is excellent, not unlike the Melbourne – Albury, 4 lane divided highway.  Geoff said he visited many factories in over 12 countries in his time and he found the JF factory modern and start of the art, from the R&D to production systems, as good as any he has seen.

The next step to compliment the C240 forager is a silage bagger.  While we put chopped silage into bunkers, many countries like Germany, America, Canada, Brazil and Argentina put silage into long plastic bags.  The silage bagging machine compresses the silage, expelling the air (the enemy to silage) and giving clean easy to handle silage to spread out.  The bags are similar to the growing popular grain storage bags for on farm storage.  The silage bagging system originated in Argentina.  Silage in plastic bags give a much higher usable quality, up to 30% silage spoils in bunkers. Bags are recyclable and it is a ‘pay as you go’ system which is very cost effective in animal feed performance.  The total cost from growing fodder to the production of milk or meat is the real question.  Preserving better quality, fodder is the key to healthy animals and increased yields for the feed imputs.

FarmTech will be featuring the C240 silage forager at AgQuip, Henty and Elmore. JF export manager Rafael Prado will be visiting Australia for Elmore Field Days.

For more information on the JF C240 Forager call FarmTech on – 02 6024 6800