Written & Published by: Tasmanian Country News
Publication Date: Friday 11th February 2011

 With a working speed up around 20km/hour, combined with the
6 meter working width, Danny Saltmarsh is looking forward to a
stellar season!

A NEW range of Agrisem machinery at Tasmania Farm Equipment will help farmers make light work of heavy cultivation.

The latest Agrisem equipment to arrive in the state is a 6m wide folding Disc-O-Mulch that has been purchased by Deloraine contractor Danny Saltmarsh.

Mr Saltmarsh said he was impressed with the Agrisem discs when he tried out the smaller 3m version at a demonstration day hosted by Tasmania Farm Equipment.

The unique design of the Disc-O-Mulch means that it can be folded up to make road transport easier.

Taking Tasmania by storm, the heavy duty Disc-O-Mulch range of
implements from Agrisem  out-perform any other system on the
market, making it the logical choice for farmers wishing to upgrade to
current technology.

Mr Saltmarsh said the Disc-O-Mulch would be ideal for heavy cultivation, as well as work in cereal and poppy stubbles and preparing ground after fodder crops, such as turnips.

The extra width of the disks will also help Mr Saltmarsh cover more ground in less time and may reduce the number of passes needed to prepare paddocks for planting.

‘‘It’s all about improving efficiency and once you start getting into the wider gear it can make a big difference,’’ he said.

‘‘It will help keep my per-hectare costs down.’’ Tasmania Farm Equipment general manager Phillip Hubbard said they had made the decision to start dealing with French company Agrisem because of the company’s excellent reputation and decade of work developing multi-disk equipment.

‘‘Agrisem is one of the pioneers of multi-disk implements, having started manufacturing them in 1998,’’ he said.

‘‘The machines are extremely well made and very functional and feature several patented design technologies.

‘‘With fully enclosed bearings, no grease nipples and genuine zero maintenance, farmers are seeing real advantage in the Agrisem product.’’

One patented design feature of the Disc-O-Mulch is a tine system that allows the implement to easily deal with rough ground and heavy cultivation work.

‘‘The build quality is exceptional and the unique design of the tine assembly, which can move in three planes, provides an excellent shattering effect on the ground,’’Mr Hubbard said.

‘‘With the range of Agrisem implements you can perform a variety of ground preparation tasks from disking to soil loosening and stubble mulching, making these machines perfect for many of our farming operations.’’

A coil design system allows the disks to move up and down as well as sideways, which makes it ideal for chopping straw and other stubbles.

A multi-tyre roller-levelling system at the back of the Disk-O-Mulch is another unique feature. Mr Hubbard said the ability to incorporate a seeding unit with the disks also gave farmers and contractors more flexibility and would help improve efficiency.

Mr Saltmarsh already has an Agrisem DS580 air seeder to match his 6m Disc-O-Mulch on order.

Mr Hubbard said now that more broadacre cropping was happening across the state, there were more farmers and contractors looking for wider cultivation equipment.

‘‘It all comes down to efficiency and 6 metre is a pretty good size for areas in the north here where it’s a bit undulating,’’Mr Hubbard said.

‘‘With the seasonal conditions we’ve had lately, being able to get in and work a paddock and get out quickly when the weather allows is critical, so that’s where this wider equipment is really good.’